How London’s Gold Market, the World’s Largest, Evolved: Timeline

July 10, 2017
by Eddie Van Der Walt

  • London Metal Exchange starts gold futures trading on Monday
  • Until recently, market largely unchanged for about a century

After a three-decade hiatus, gold-futures trading is returning to London. It’s the latest change for the city’s bullion market, the world’s biggest for over-the-counter trading, and which until fairly recently had remained largely unchanged for about a century.

In this article Bloomberg demonstrates a timeline of main events over the past 350 years, according to the London Bullion Market Association. Autilla is mentioned under 2017:

The LBMA is due to introduce a trade reporting service to boost transparency in the OTC market. The system is being developed by technology firm Boat Services Ltd. and and optional trading platform being designed by Autilla Inc. is also set to be introduced…

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