An electronic platform for all precious metal trades, Spot and EFPs priced in USD, forwards in BPs and Options in Vol.


Users connect to the web portal via fixed API, orders may be managed via the GUI or through automated API.

Autilla Match Platform

Our platform delivers efficiencies in front office order management, back office trade processing as well as delivering necessary functionality for risk and compliance.

Commodity Consultancy

We specialise in bringing clients together, providing the expertise and the contacts to fulfil all aspects of a transaction or project.

Benchmarking Technology

Autilla build and advise on benchmarking applications for the commodity and FX markets.

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Orders managed by the Central Limit Order Book.

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Instant confirmation of trade details.

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API connectivity to trade external exchange markets from the platform.

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Import/Export functionality to Excel.

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OCO functionality.

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Straight-through-processing at time of trade.

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Trade blotter display by trader and institution.

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Automated price upload via CSV files or API allowing interaction with our matching system and the users local IT infrastructure.


By selecting Boat, in partnership with Autilla, the LBMA have started the journey to adopt the most significant regulatory reporting and OTC transparency solution since MiFID was introduced in 2007.

Jamie Khurshid, CEO of Boat Services Ltd.

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