A private permissioned digital ledger that will radically change how the financial markets work which can be programmed to record anything of value.

Block Chain

In the early 90’s internet technology was familiar to few outside of the IT crowd. In the two decades to follow, this technology would radically change the world. There is another technology which is about to revolutionise the way the financial world operates: Blockchain technology. Specifically this technology will manifest itself in the form of digital ledgers which can be programmed to record anything of value: identity, title, deeds, and any type of financial instrument. The result of future implementation of this technology has the potential to be enormously empowering to current business models in terms of: Lower Cost, Higher Efficiency & Less Risk.


A Decentralised Clearing Network is an implementation of a distributed ledger which uses Smart Contracts.

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Block Chain technology will transform market operation and settlement

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CLOB combined with the DCN gives real time matching and settlement

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Cryptographically generated Smart Contracts

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Matching, settlement and margining for metal and USD

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Participants achieve reduced back office processing and legal costs

Bar Provenance

The ledger is central to creating a 'network of trust' for physical bars by establishing an immutable and incorruptible chain of provenance.

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Smart Contracts

A smart contract upon execution, automatically executes the terms of a predetermined contract that has been verified for all possible scenarios.


Fully automated settlement, clearing, valuation and margining of metals and USD for the wholesale market.

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Netting, settlement and clearing occurs in real-time with reduced operational error

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Collateral usage is optimised through real-time valuation and margining

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Counterparty risk is mitigated as trades are processed in real-time


By selecting Boat, in partnership with Autilla, the LBMA have started the journey to adopt the most significant regulatory reporting and OTC transparency solution since MiFID was introduced in 2007.

Jamie Khurshid, CEO of Boat Services Ltd.

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