A good year ahead.

In this issue, I’ll show you how the Atlas Pulse indicators are more upbeat on gold than they were a few months ago. Then it was over-valued and over-hyped. Now, that’s no longer the case and I’m tactically bullish on gold. Sadly, I still can’t upgrade the gold dial to ‘bull’ since the S&P 500 remains in rude health. The gold dial follows a logical process that works well over the long-term, and I have no plans to override it. Should the S&P 500 turn down, while gold holds firm, you can expect to see that upgrade.

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By selecting Boat, in partnership with Autilla, the LBMA have started the journey to adopt the most significant regulatory reporting and OTC transparency solution since MiFID was introduced in 2007.

Jamie Khurshid, CEO of Boat Services Ltd.

byCharlie Morris, March 01, 2017

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