A long-term store of value

Atlas Pulse has spent many months describing gold as a store of value and its link with interest rates. It’s simple to understand. Assuming gold is a long-term store of value, the dollar gold price should match the dollar rate of inflation over time – a point that is also true in other currencies. For example, if the Argentinian Peso halves its purchasing power due to high inflation, gold in pesos ought to double - give or take a little. This is a commonly accepted idea, yet the link with rates is a little harder to understand. Despite that, both the logic and the evidence stack up. Read on for more .

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By selecting Boat, in partnership with Autilla, the LBMA have started the journey to adopt the most significant regulatory reporting and OTC transparency solution since MiFID was introduced in 2007.

Jamie Khurshid, CEO of Boat Services Ltd.

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